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The 10 Pioneering 3D Printing Solution Providers To Opt For In 2019

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The future of manufacturing has arrived bringing waste reduction, complex customization, and fast prototyping in the process. It is 3D Printing or one can call it as “Additive Manufacturing” which has come a long way from being a theoretical concept to reality. As you are reading this, 3D printers are creating new products and consequently, shaping our future. They have proved their essentiality in many industries including aviation, education and, most importantly, healthcare.

We, the team of Mirror Review, are really excited to introduce our latest magazine issue, “The 10 Pioneering 3D Printing Solution Providers To Opt For In 2019”, featuring Terrafilum™ Engineered Filaments as the Cover Story. Terrafilum™ is satisfying clients’ 3D printing needs with one of the highest quality eco-friendly filament solutions. Born out of a passion for Business, Manufacturing, and Golf, Chris Jackson, the Founder of Terrafilum™ formulated the 3D printing concept with his prior 30+ years of experience and hard life lessons.

In addition to the inspiring story of Chris and Terrafilum, I feel privileged to present interesting journeys of leading 3D printing solution providers which are uplifting the manufacturing capabilities to an advanced level.

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