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Thanks for requesting a quote for your printing needs! Terrafilum® is happy to accept purchase orders with Net 15 credit terms for orders of $200 or more from qualified organizations. You can also pay with credit cards or bank transfers from our Invoice.

In the “Material Details” text box, please describe the items you would like by name and add a quantity. Finally, add the colors you are looking to buy for your filament. Add your contact details in the form so someone from our team can contact you if any questions arise. Our expert team is available to help you put together a solution to meet your needs. Feel free to call us at 815-526-3248 Monday-Friday from 9 am-4 pm CST, or email us at

Your quote will be delivered by email within one business day. Once you’re ready to order, just send a PDF copy of your PO or acknowledged order to, and we’ll enter the order for you.

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