Terrafilum® Engineered Filaments is a US company providing 3D printer filaments and material solutions that intersect manufacturing, technology, and sustainability priorities of various industries. The company’s innovative solutions are for industrial professionals that demand materials whose quality and value is the best on and for planet Earth. Terrafilum® delivers solutions that improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of material use to improve the bottom line for manufacturers. The company specializes in engineered 3D printer filaments and engineered coatings that are suited for many forms of industrial and professional applications ranging from prototyping to parts manufacturing and custom products.

Terrafilum® materials are made from bio-friendly, rescued, recycled, and repurposed resins. We believe that using polymers that have been left behind either by industry material changes or by past uses is part of the most efficient sustainability plan for filaments. Our products use 100% bio-friendly, rescued, recycled, and repurposed resins in every filament we make.


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