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Terrafilum® & Ecologic® Announce Terrafilum Ecologic ABS Filament

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Terrafilum® Engineered Filaments is proud to announce its new biodegradable Terrafilum® & EcoLogic® ABS Eco-One® filament.

Terrafilum® Engineered Filaments ( is a US company that provides 3D printer filament solutions that intersect manufacturing, technology, and sustainability priorities of the 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Industry. The company was formed in response to its owner’s, Chris Jackson, observations of the common frustrations that manufacturers face when it comes to leveraging 3D printing technologies.

“We address 3D printing’s sustainability issue by developing industrial-grade filaments that are made of bio-friendly and re-purposed materials. We are thrilled to be partnering with Ecologic® to produce quality ABS filament with enhanced landfill biodegradation,” Jackson stated. The addition of Eco-One® in our products helps reduce overall landfill space amounts required currently for plastic products by reducing the millions of tons of plastic that would otherwise sit for years on end. The organic biodegradation of Terrafilum ABS Eco-One®filaments produces valuable biogas that landfills can recapture to convert to electricity and alleviate our demand on traditional energy sources. You can learn more at the EPA’s Landfill Methane Outreach Program (

Through systematic chemical and biological processes in a microbe-enriched, well-controlled landfill, Eco-One® enhances plastic biodegradation into biogas which can be converted into energy, carbon dioxide, and inert humus that enriches the soil. ASTM D5511 tests that represent biologically active landfills on Terrafilum ABS Eco-One®filaments have shown 8.11% biodegradation in the first 60 days.

Using lean principles, Terrafilum® custom engineers complete solutions — from material to spool design and always striving for zero percent waste — bringing value to their customers with material quality that assures smooth printing operations. Terrafilum®solutions are available in a wide selection of colors, sizes, and materials. Support of custom projects and applications is central to the company’s core philosophy for customer needs.

”We are very pleased to have a strong relationship with Ecologic® which is supported by other market leaders in fiber and apparel, footwear, flexible and rigid packaging, foam, sporting goods, and much more. Terrafilum® is constantly researching the development of filaments with the planet as our main concern,” Jackson commented.

The introduction of Eco-One®’s organic additive enhancing the biodegradability of Terrafilum® ABS filament without compromising on the filament’s integrity during manufacturing, storage, and use, as well as no evidence of adverse effects on printing or other post-processes, is one of the many positive aspects to the additive’s performance.Eco-One®’s addition to our products does not change the manufacturing process. Additionally, the organic additive has no effect on the plastic’s chemical or physical properties, rendering the filament with the same tensile strength and identical performance. With all these wonderful attributions to our filament, we are excited about our partnering with EcoLogic® to provide you with an industrial-grade ABS filament that aligns with Terrafilum®’s values of sustainability.

“It’s a great time for EcoLogic® as we step into the 3D Printing world! Terrafilum® is a leader in 3DP Innovation and we are excited to see what the Terrafilum® team can achieve with the Eco-One® technology. The Terrafilum® ABS Eco-One®filament represents our passion for technology & science. We hope to inspire others and spark some curiosity about how we can all make a difference,” Michael Zuppa, Business Development Engineer at Ecologic® stated.

EcoLogic® owns, manufactures, and markets the Eco-One® brand of additives for plastic products worldwide. You can learn more at