GMP Process / Recycle Program

3D printing filament

Our processes are designed for complete traceability from incoming raw materials to final product. Each batch is produced with a designated lot number that corresponds to the utilized raw materials, production sequence, and operating parameters. This means that your spooled material will have a lot sequence that can demonstrate product freshness as well as production details like filament consistency and material melt flow.

GMP Process

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are often missed by other producers. We started with the premise that we wanted to produce reproducible quality filament without exception. Here’s what we do:

Raw Materials
  1. Receive into Inventory and check properties
  2. Assign Lot numbers
Process Batch
  1. Record Formulation Details
  2. Assign Lot number
  3. Set Extrusion Profiles
  4. Laser Track Filament Size
  5. Record Production & Process Data
  6. Log Material Data
  7. Track Inventory

Recycle Program

Who Doesn’t Want to Do Their Part for the Earth?

We offer FREE Spool & Waste Material Returns

Customers are automatically enrolled into our program after the 3rd spool purchased. We encourage our customers from the beginning to NOT landfill our spools or waste material. With the purchase of the 3rd spool, we will send a complementary recycle kit that includes instructions, recycle bag, and labels. After the 6th purchased spool, we will send return shipping labels and packaging material so the recycle material can be returned to our shop free of charge.

Of course, if a customer wants to opt-in immediately, we will send the kit and begin tracking progress. We have very little waste from our manufacturing operation and we are very proud of that fact! We want to extend that same thought to our filaments so that the material waste is minimized.