Terrafilum® Introduces ASA Filament to its Current Line of Products

Terrafilum® Engineered Filaments is proud to announce the inclusion of ASA Filament in its line of products. The filament will currently be available in black, white, and natural colors.

To build and strengthen their 3D Filament business, Terrafilum® has added ASA resin (acrylic styrene acrylonitrile) to the filament products that they currently offer.

ASA (acrylic styrene acrylonitrile) is a thermoplastic like ABS, but with improved heat resistance and durability. ASA printed parts are strong and rigid with exceptional UV resistance, incapable of yellowing, making them exceptionally useful in exterior or industrial settings. ASA is also water-resistant, has strong chemical resistance, anti-static, and highly impact resistant. For successful ASA printing, a heated bed is needed due to its high glass transition temperature.

Terrafilum® Engineered Filaments (www.Terrafilum.com) is a US company that provides 3D printer filament solutions that intersect manufacturing, technology, and sustainability priorities of the 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing Industry. The company was formed in response to its owner’s, Chris Jackson, observations of the common frustrations that manufacturers face when it comes to leveraging 3D printing technologies.

Using lean principles, Terrafilum® custom engineers complete solutions — from material to spool design and always striving for zero percent waste — bringing value to their customers with material quality that assures smooth printing operations. With the addition of ASA filament to what Terrafilum currently offers, we hope to continue to expand our customer base with an exceptional filament that maintains the same high standards of quality that we strive to attain.