ASA (acrylic styrene acrylonitrile) is a thermoplastic like ABS, but with improved heat resistance and durability. ASA printed parts are strong and rigid with exceptional UV resistance, incapable of yellowing, making them exceptionally useful in exterior or industrial settings. ASA is also water-resistant, has strong chemical resistance, anti-static, and highly impact resistant. For successful ASA printing, a heated bed is needed due to its high glass transition temperature.

ASA is becoming a very popular and commonly used filament. It’s as versatile as ABS but with some printing benefits – reduced odors and tighter resolutions. There are many versatile ways to use ASA, but its strength is found for outdoor projects. Products made of ASA 3D printer filament are extra tough and can survive high-heat conditions. When printing, users should remember the high printing temperatures may lead to warping as products cool. We sell ASA filament in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameters. Example products include phone cases, outdoor covers, and electrical enclosures.

Material Features


UV Resistance

ASA is a thermoplastic that you can 3D print and has many properties that make it good for engineering and outdoor purposes. ASA is basically the new and improved cousin of ABS, which is more widely known and used by many companies such as LEGO. ASA has many of the benefits of ABS without some of its drawbacks.

Structural Strength and Stiffness

Strong UV Resistance

Impact Resistance

Great Finish

Filament Properties







Difficulty to Use


Print Temperature

240°C – 250°C

Print Bed Temperature

100°C – 125°C

Bed Adhesion

Hair Spray or ABS Glue


In esters, ketones, and acetone

The Perfect Material for Your Project

Let us know if you are interested in a custom material blend or color. We will work with you to create the perfect material for your project!

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