Our Greenline products are mostly produced from reprocessed and/or bio-friendly materials. This recycled plastic 3D printer filament is the ideal choice for many applications. You can find performance grade flexible and semi-flexible products used for a broad variety of uses. Some of these products require very high temperatures to print and are more difficult to process. Make sure you are a more experienced maker in this group!

Our comprehensive product line provides you with many different quality filaments. Products in this line are made to order and some have required lead times – typically from 1 to 3 weeks. Our recycled plastic 3D printer filament applications include bands and couplings, automotive parts, and construction uses.

Material Features



Greenline bio-plastic engineered with precision grade materials for a tough and flexible to semi-flexible product; ideal for parts with intricate designs and specific needs. This product is made to order based upon customer preferences. Please indicate any specific material property needs with your order.

GL_Blend: Great for Intricate Designs

Filament Properties



Medium to High


Low to Medium


Medium to High

Difficulty to Use


Print Temperature

210°C – 230°C

Print Bed Temperature

60°C – 75°C

Shrinkage / Warping

Possible – care required; print with heated bed



The Perfect Material for Your Project

Let us know if you are interested in a custom material blend or color. We will work with you to create the perfect material for your project!

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