Historical Event Lesson Plans Using 3D Printing

We have always been interested in Historical Events.  Chris has always been into World War II literature and the facts, battles, and people of the era.  During our formative years, there was very little in…

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Polycarbonate from Biomass for Additive Manufacturing?

Finding material strength from bio produced polymers is always difficult.  A team in Korea has discovered that they can produce Polycarbonate (PC) from biomass that eliminates the need for synthetic based processing.  The material is…

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50 Fastest Growing Companies Of The Year 2019

“We are thought leaders in sustainability practices and custom materials selection.” 3-D printing is an unstoppable force. Not too long ago, the printing speed and limited output of 3-D printers made them suitable only for…

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3D printing filament

GMP Process / Recycle Program

Our processes are designed for complete traceability from incoming raw materials to final product. Each batch is produced with a designated lot number that corresponds to the utilized raw materials, production sequence, and operating parameters….

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The Wonderful World of 3D Printing

It’s starting to look like 3D printing may soon become a mainstay in the average American home. Soon, these miracle machines of modern design may even become as common as televisions and carpeting. Creative people…

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