Why Choose Terrafilum® Engineered Filaments

Terrafilum® Engineered Filaments is a US company providing 3D printer filaments, 3D printers, Consultative Print Services, and Specialized Coatings that meet our customers’ priorities using sustainable methods. The company’s innovative solutions are for educational and industrial professionals that demand materials whose quality and value are the best on and for planet Earth. Terrafilum® delivers products that are produced using eco-friendly materials or processes including products that are from 100% rescued, repurposed, or recycled materials. Our printer solutions are designed to work best with our sustainably produced products.

Why us?

Our products are developed and manufactured in the USA with Good Manufacturing Practices using sustainable methods. We track filament by lot numbers and have traceability to the components used

Sustainability is one of our core values. Our products are developed with materials that support environmental stewardship because we find resins that meet the 3 R’s of Sustainability – rescued resins of virgin material but have little use in the old application, repurposed virgin resins that have lot numbers but are too small of quantities for the user, and recycled resins from other production sources (including our own!)

We have strategic product development arrangements with other companies to engineer our products and create professional and industrial use 3D printing materials (i.e. XG Sciences)

We partner with our volume customers and create sustainable solutions that enable their business to recycle 100% of spools, unwanted parts, and scrap materials

Project and Product Design Capabilities for custom products, part/product concept, printing services

We offer a plethora of color options and custom colors – our current color pallet offers 27 varieties

Our filament is offered in several spool sizes with capabilities up to 20 lbs. and in 1.75mm/2.85mm

Inventory Management and Product Warehousing

Our business is family-owned and recognized as a Small Business by the Small Business Administration which means that we can respond quickly to custom needs and requests

Emphasis is placed on caring for our customer’s needs with sights on their future prosperity. We care for you, your environment, your success, and your legacy.